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Cloud computing can help accelerate your business to a successful future. But the Cloud it is not for everyone and we understand that. We can help you make the best decision according to what your business needs.

Is Cloud Computing for you?

IT Security and Management
Accessibility is Important

Who is keeping a watchful eye on your business data? Cyber-criminals target large and small companies alike with relentless methods and technologies that evolve quickly. Secure your interests with an experienced team that shares your values

Your Security is a priority.

Accessibility is king as far as your customers are concerned. Having the ability to communicate and provide your business services to your customers is a critical objective.  Let us help your business build a successful and seamless bridge between.

Cloud and Remote Support

Data Accessibility is Key.

With a combined 100+ years of Information Technology experience behind our team, we are driven to make a difference in your business. Whether your IT needs are for supporting current in-place technology or implementing new solutions, VPN Technology Group has you covered end-to-end with specialized and generalized  managed IT solutions and services.






IT Solutions that Matter
VPN Tech IT Support
IT Solutions
Cloud Computing

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Partnered Resourcing

3. Local & Cloud  Hosted Computing

Finding the right IT business partner doesn't have to be complicated.

Our managed IT solutions offer your business the benefit of having a virtual and flexible and IT department at your finger tips.  Remote and on-site technical services by a licensed and insured IT professional can be an invaluable asset to your ever-evolving business. We understand the value of reliability  and our services can scale to meet your needs by offering you the help you need by seasoned IT professionals.


At VPN Technology Group, we are not selfish.

Our goal is help enable your business success. Period.


Cloud Computing


We are your IT partner with a shared vision.

Accessibility - Its your data - you own it.  Get access to your data whenever and however you need it. Whether it is email communications, file sharing, , application or database driven tools; You can collaborate your teams service needs with technology to go further and faster than ever before.

Ask us about how increasing you accessibility through Cloud based services can help your build greater business opportunities and services.


Cloud Computing  - Mobile computing has never been easier. If your end-users depend on their data being accessible 24/7 from no matter where they are in the world, the Cloud may be your answer. Local services can also see a benefit from using the Cloud if correctly implemented.  Ask us if Cloud based services can help your end-users be more productive.


Security - Security is important. To us, your security is a priceless asset that tells your customers a lot about who you are and how serious you take their business. Secured email/messaging, file services and networking/cloud services are just the tip of the iceberg. Other areas of our security experience involve vulnerability remediation, software/OS patch management, cyber-threat mitigation, intrusion prevention, environment/system monitoring, encryption at rest and in flight measures and many, many other opportunities that can help your business avoid crisis.

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