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Are you interested in a Career in Technology?

Yes, we do hire for specific projects and technical needs, but unfortunately we do not post them on our website. Our contracted membership is referral based with a lot of respect toward the privacy of our customers. But if you have any questions or would like to see if VPN Technology Group is a fit for your technical contracting expertise, please feel free to contact us.

Over the years, we have been constantly asked about helping people get pointed into the right direction if they want to jump into the IT career field. If you are young, you may have already completed several technical certifications from your k12 education. This is a great start but you have to stick with it.

If you are brand new to the field of Information Technology, we can aid you somewhat into jumpstarting your exposure to the world of infrastructure (IT) support and servicing. No matter what your occupation and current technical education level currently is, you can learn to increase your technical knowledge and experience on your own or though structured schooling and training programs. All you have to do is demonstrate your interest by working hard and dedicating time and effort on your behalf. Below are some pathways that may help you along your way to success. Be strong and do not ever let someone tell you that you cant learn new things and expand your horizons.

Although we cannot advertise for educational centers and resources directly, we can suggest a few entities and technical repositories in which we participate and utilize that may/may not be of service to you*.


*Please note that we are not responsible for linked content, advertisements and/or the suggested theories, ideas and proposed solutions published by others. We do not recommend practicing what you may have learned on a production system. 


Research and understand the subject matter at hand.

There are endless documented and lab based resources that can help you understand the physics and theologies related to information technology and it broad scope of areas you can apply interests.  Don't  try to overload yourself all at once- be patient. It is more than a virtue; It is a requirement. Start with the basics such as basic IP addressing, UDP and TCP Ports and the OSI Model. Its a great start to your technical adventure.  To get started, you can simply utilize


Lab environments are valuable assets to learn from.

Always practice and demonstrate your learning on a test environment. Please do not trust anything that you have read from a website or book on a live production system that is not backed up. No one likes to break things with no way of falling-back the previous working state. Its not just common sense, its best practice.

Gain real-world IT experience and knowledge.

Get a Job. No; Seriously. Get a job. You have to start someplace in the IT support field. You can even join your favorite branch of the US Armed Forces, as there is a great need for technical professionals within their ranks.

Your first IT job may not be glorious all of the time but you have to be up for the challenge and listen to your customers and deliver on what they are asking you to do. Just because no one ever calls the a help desk just to say "Hi - I hope your day is wonderful!", doesn't mean your not appreciated. They usually are distressed and not happy at the current situation. Your duty is to turn that all around for them in a positive and constructive manor. Your gain in this effort is learning the ropes of the field by being exposed to people and technologies that behave differently under specific circumstances. In the IT world, there is no substitutes for experience and knowledge from a real-world environment.

Seek higher education and certification.

Its never too early or too late and Its not exactly cheap. Local and on-line education resources are a great way to gain knowledge and hands on lab experience. Certifications prove that you have the expertise and knowledge of the subject matter at hand. It may even land you a job at some point or highlight your attractive resume. Examples educational sites: | | |



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