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Your needs are our focus

We focus on identifying with the technology needs that your business requires, and centralize the hardware and software support it needs to maintain a healthy environment. We extend a positive-minded personal touch to your experience so that your employees are comfortable with our technicians and the services we render either on site or remotely.

We are busy people and like to stay busy.


Our goal is to help drive your success.

Regardless of the venue of your business, the technology that you use can make or break the dream of success. Accessibility and reliability can turn away business or it can do the exact opposite; It can accelerate your business by being the most priceless ingredient of the services you have to offer. In the modern world of the Internet as it moves to 3.0, one click and your business can be the next viral sensation that everyone wants to be a part of. Is your business ready for the future? We can help take you and your customers there.

Proactive support minded

Our  technical service consultants take pride in applying an active approach to the critical aspects of your systems and network. System and environmental monitoring can help to anticipate and eliminate many issues before they occur. We identify the technology needs that your business requires to stay healthy, and centralize the support it needs to maintain  your technologies and production environments.

We have been around a while

Examples of some of the  core industries our contractors have supported over the years include entities associated with Health Care, Casino/ Gaming, staple and municipal Utilities, Education, Government, Law Enforcement,  Marketing/ Advertising , Data Centers, ISP Provider and Wireless Communications, Technology Management, Franchised Sales, Customer Service, Billing and other Technical Services  companies. 

Your in Control

Its your business so you should have the say in what and where your technology investments should be. We can only advise you based on IT common or best practices.

VPN Technology Group is a partner first. We will never try pigeon-hole or pressure you into any technology solution or situation that you are uncomfortable with, because our best interests resides in your success.

From our roots we believe in networking bringing people and groups together for collaborative success. We value your company and its customers privacy and security. We do not share information between those whom we support, nor will we solicit our services in ways that make our customers feel uncomfortable. We will only advertise your company's business name and services with permission with the intent to help grow business collaboration and opportunity.

Compute and Support Services

By utilizing our services you will benefit from our years of experience.  Below are a few areas of our support expertise.

  • PC Desktop and Peripherals

  • Server Hardware and Software

  • Local and Network Applications

  • Vendor Relations and Follow-up

  • Networking Services and Installation

  • IPS, Internet and Firewall Security

  • Internet-based Tools and Services

  • Data Encryption In-flight and at Rest

  • Virtualization and VDI Environments

  • High-Availability Compute and Storage

  • Cloud-based Services and Operations

  • Datacenter Operations and Installations

  • Security, Detection and Access Tools

  • Telecomm and VoIP Services

  • Project Management and Acquisitions

  • Compliance and familiarity with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, Gaming Commission, ICANN, HiTrust and ITIL processes.

IT Contracting 101 and Risk

Bringing an IT Contactor into your business can be risky if you do not know what to expect, but protecting your business and customer data should be your priority. Still, many businesses utilize unlicensed and uninsured IT techs with little or no real world experience. If you like to gamble with your business and customers interests, there is nothing wrong with this approach. It may even get you by for some time, but your business longevity  and customers confidence may not survive the test of trial and error.

Whether or not you decide to contract through VPN Technology Group;  We recommend that you always seek out reputable Technology Support Services for your business. Yes, sometimes they do cost a little more, but you can trust in their experience, dedication and accountability.

After all, your customers only know you by the fruits you bare to them.

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