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Technical Services that we provide.

Our Services are Designed for our Customers and their Business Needs.

Your Business success is genuinely important to us. Our passion revolves around delivering our customers with the best possible Managed IT Solutions available and support their businesses success story.  Below are just a few of the services that we offer. Our support services do not stop here. We are capable of customizing our services to support your unique business needs.

Compute and User Support

Computing and Servicing Solutions

  • Workstation & Portable Devices

  • Local Server & Storage Options

  • Cloud Compute & Data Options

  • Continuity & Monitoring/ Alerting

  • Disaster Recovery & Backup Options

  • Managed Network and Edge Security 

  • Managed VoIP and Telecomm Options

  • Systems/Endpoint Protection Options

  • Project Planning & Management

  • Technical Implementations and Support

...and much more.

Technical Service Solutions

Business KLO and Proactive Support

  • Workstation Maintenance

  • Scheduled System Maintenance

  • License & Asset Inventory Management

  • Endpoint Protection and Security

  • OS & 3rd Party Patch Management

  • Systems Performance Optimization

  • Systems Migrations and Rollouts

  • Application Management and Support

  • Peripheral Devices Support

  • Remote Access and Support

...and much more.

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Support

  • Server Maintenance and Monitoring

  • High Availability Systems Management

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring

  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

  • Key Server Application Management

  • OS & 3rd Party Patch Management

  • License & Asset Inventory Management

  • Server/Storage Security Management

  • Network/Edge Security Management

  • VoIP and Telecomm Management

...and much more.

General Support Service Conditions and Rates

No Changes in 10 Years of Business?

We are proud to say that our Technical Service billing Schedule and  T&M Rates have not changed since 2003. Sometimes customizing support needs and services do need some tweaking to meet comfortably in the middle, but generally speaking, we will do what we can to accommodate your business support needs and help you save unnecessary costs.

Technical Service Billing Schedule and  T&M Rates

  • Remote Support $75 per hour - Tier I/II Support

  • On-Site Business Support $100 per hour - Tier I/II Support

  • Advanced High Level Specialized Hardware/ Software Support  - Tier III Support

  • +25% for Afterhours, Weekends and Holidays - All Tiered Support Levels

  • Block-Hour/ Retainer Based Support Options Available - Tier I/II Support

  • Negotiable Dedicated Resource Support Options Available - Tier I/II Support

  • Block Hour Tier III and Dedicated Tier III Support Options are available but for Project and Implementation based Services Only. 

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