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We like to keep things simple

At VPN Technology Group, we care about people and the technology they use. We have a passion to see businesses grow and succeed.  We offer end-to-end IT services and solutions by the hand of licensed and insured contracted IT professionals. We partner work with some of the largest names in technology to deliver the technical solutions you need. Technology support and service does not have to be complicated when you use a seasoned IT professional.  Tell us your business vision and what is on your mind and we will listen. How can we help you today?

Our odd little story
Our beginnings started in 1996. We co-operated an online virtual technical support and technical network and resourcing forum that covered everything from general Windows PC and application programing support to high level infrastructure network, server and mainframe support. We offered a free technical support option to the internet masses of the time. We never claimed to have all of the answers, however our only promise was that we would point those who needed technical help into the right direction out of the spirit and desire of a friendly gesture, all-the-while having fun at the same time.

Of our original group, we all had day jobs. We worked for various world-wide mainstream companies supporting network security and server infrastructure, data centers, healthcare systems, media centers, staple-utilities, government bodies and various IT/ Technical Support companies.

In 2003 it became obvious that the attraction of help-seekers and bandwidth of our helping resources became its own obstacle and opportunity in the same breath. Our helpers were outnumbered dramatically and we had to step back and look at who the majority of our customers were and we found that over half of our customers were other IT professionals. To balance our budget of time deficit, we decided to contract out our services for long  and short terms under private one-to-one business partnerships.

Today, our team collaborates together, sharing ideas and processes based on best practice and real-world experience. We contract together under the umbrella of VPN Technology Group as technical professionals and experts under the Managed IT Solutions discipline.

What has years of experience taught us?

Collectively, our values and goals are the same today as in our beginnings. People and Businesses are meant to work together toward like Values and Goals. To our members and many businesses we have supported over the years, we owe you our respect with a great thank you of genuine appreciation.

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